Why is the Coroner’s Office involved?

Ohio Law requires the County Coroner to investigate the circumstances and determine the cause and manner of death of all deaths that are:

  • sudden, when a person is in apparent good health and not under the care of a physician
  • suspicious, unusual or unexplained
  • the result of violence
  • unlawful or due to criminal neglect

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1. Why is the Coroner’s Office involved?
2. Will an autopsy be performed?
3. Can I refuse an Autopsy?
4. Will I still be able to have an open casket service if an autopsy is performed?
5. Do I have to pay for an autopsy to be done?
6. How long will it take before my loved one is released from the coroner’s jurisdiction?
7. Is viewing or visiting allowed while my loved on is under the coroner’s jurisdiction?
8. Who contact’s the funeral home?
9. How do I obtain a certified copy of the death certificate?
10. When will the autopsy report be ready and how do I obtain a copy?
11. What are my next steps after my loved one has been taken under the coroner’s jurisdiction?
12. Who is considered the next of kin?